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What we’re most proud of at KIS Payments is that our company is set up for the benefit of our Agent Payment Advisors across Canada. We realise that our success depends 100% on their success. With that being said – we know how to take care of them!  Consider that each company partner/owner visits their own customers every day, just like every other Agent Payment Advisor!  We know what the job entails and how to motivate you to do the best for your clients.

KIS understands that when you look for a career, you expect to align your life with the company you work with. Your loyalty should be earned by them and not something given quickly or expected. We are that company who is willing to take on the challenge of earning your loyalty! We recognize what it takes to be successful and how to motivate you to achieve that success.  Then we reward your continued success goals!  Unlike any other sales position, you have opportunity to reap the benefits from the growth of your business long term.

Statistics show that the average career life span for front-line processing reps is only four months!   KIS owners have worked in this industry and understand how other processing companies prey on their agents.  Typically, someone just starting out will get their first merchant customers from their warm market, or past clientele.  And then when the monthly statements begin to arrive, the agent discovers that the company hasn’t delivered what was promised, both to the client and to you as the agent.  This makes it difficult to maintain your personal integrity.  Most agents will push through the next few months continuing to bring in new business while trying to right the wrongs.  This requires a compromising of standards to maintain that sales momentum that with time, will snowball into financial rewards.  In the end they give up, unable to hold out for those rewards, and go elsewhere while the processing company assimilates their added business and reaps the continued profit.

This is where KIS is different!  We know how important your earnings are to fuel the passion it takes to be an effective Payment Advisor.  We make sure you have every penny earned in your hands within 24 hours.  You will never have to worry about whether we are what we say we are.  We will prove ourselves to you.  And then on top of that we add other benefits that support your long-range goals.  We want you to have the confidence that KIS owners will treat your customers with the same kit gloves they treat their own clients with.  We are growing a KIS family and we are invested in your future too.  Have we got your interest yet?

The first Pillar of Success new agents receive is a surrounding territory with enough population to ensure great success.  Our agents have shown that this can be achieved within a territory of 200,000 people or more. But that does not mean you are restricted to just that specific territory if you already have a relationship with prospects elsewhere! These prospects become part of your KIS Referral program, and additional referrals will come easily from your satisfied merchant customers.

The second Pillar of Success for our agents is that we provide all the tools you will need to increase your customer base daily!   Not only do we offer the best pricing model in the Merchant Services Industry, we also have added products to support your customers’ financial future.   We know that your career in sales is a numbers game and if you are making regular daily contacts we will guarantee you will see success.

You can have confidence that your customers will be more than happy with KIS.   Your integrity will remain in tact.  We start by providing each of your clients a brand new state-of-the-art terminal from the moment they start with KIS.   Then we make available 24-hour phone tech support, all originating in Canada.  There is also a terminal technician based in every major Canadian city who can fix or replace a terminal within 24 hours, and most often in even less time.

KIS Payments ensures that even prior to contacting your first merchant prospects you have everything you need to give a professional presentation. This includes a completely rebranded edition of all our promotional aids including logos, website, business cards, brochures (digital and print) that will impress your prospects.  We provide you with a starter pack so you can hit the ground running.   As well, your training includes an Advisor Manual on top of field training, so you start off with confidence and are armed with everything you need!

We have saved the best for last! Our Advisor Remuneration package includes compensation when you sign merchants up for processing, and a most generous residual commission structure on their ongoing business. In addition, we also compensate you for assisting merchants to grow their business through our other product lines such as Cash Advances and Rewards/Gift Card packages.

WAIT…there’s still more! Once you have built up the required number of merchants on an annual basis with the appropriate volume of processing, you qualify for our Profit-Sharing Program!   This means specifically that we set aside 25% of the pre-tax profits of KIS Payments in a pool to be shared by those agents that qualify.  So you have huge incentive to pursue your career!  And lastly, when you are ready to retire, KIS Payments even has a Vesting Program to buy back your block of business when you are no longer interested in servicing it.  We want you to feel like you are a part of our KIS family beginning to end!

If this speaks to you and you can see yourself becoming a KIS Payment Advisor, please Contact Us.

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