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    If you matter is urgent, please contact your Advisor or call 888.484.3389

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Receipt paper can be ordered directly through Clover’s Customer Service Department or at major retailers like Staples or Office Depot. Visit to order supplies online!

    To order from a customer service agent, swipe to the right on your Clover device screen and select Call Me. You can enter your reason and someone will contact you to complete your order.

    • The Station printer takes 3⅛ inch x 230 feet thermal paper rolls.
    • The Mini and Flex internal printers, the Mobile printer, and the FD130 terminal take paper rolls that are 2¼ inches wide, by 60 feet (max. for Flex), or 100 feet (max. for Mini).
    • The Star SP700 Kitchen Printer (also commonly referred to as the Impact Printer) takes 76mm paper rolls, with a roll diameter of up to 85mm.

    Clover supports a host of compatible accessories you can view here. For assistance with adding accessories or devices to your system, reach out to your KIS Advisor or contact us at

    Visit the Clover Help Center for guidance on setting up, troubleshooting, or learning how to operate your Clover system. For more personalized service, find your dedicated Clover support number on your statement or by logging in to your Clover Web Dashboard. You can also find this number at the top right corner of your Station, Mobile, or Mini device screen. Merchants using the Clover Go app can find their support number in the Help & Support menu, or request a call back.

    You can also reach out to your KIS Advisor or email with specific questions or issues.

    If the Clover is not turning on (showing a black screen) the issue may be caused by a defective charger. To troubleshoot this, please follow our step-by-step guide here.

    If it still won’t turn on, the device may be defective; in this case please contact our Support Team at or 888-484-3389

    Sometimes a Clover Flex will enter into what is called hibernation mode. It will still have a full battery (especially if it has been on a charger the whole time), but won’t turn on. Before you call our tech support, try this (hard reboot):
    1. Take the Flex off the charger.
    2. Hold down the Power button on the right hand side for 40 seconds.
    3. Let go for 5 seconds.
    4. Hold the power button down again until you see the Clover symbol appear on the screen.
    If after doing that, you see the Clover symbol then the Flex will reboot properly. If it doesn’t work, try again (make sure you hold the button down for at least 40 seconds). If that still doesn’t work, then give support a call.

    Clover Flex:

    Open the back of the device where the printing paper is loaded, remove the paper roll, and you will see the serial number, beginning with “S/N”.


    Clover Mini:

    Open the back of the device where the printing paper is loaded, and flip down the plastic coil/roll. The serial number is listed on the coil/roll and begins with “S/N”.

    You can find your Merchant ID (MID) in a number of places.

    1. On your Monthly Statement:
      • On the first page of your statement, your “Merchant Number” is noted at the top right.

    2. On your Clover device:
      • Flex: Login with your passcode, and swipe to the far Left menu. You will see your MID beside the “Help” button.
      • Mini: Login with your passcode, and you will see your MID at the top right of the screen, above the “Help” button.

    3. On your Welcome Kit: 
      • Your MID is listed on the Support page of your Welcome Kit.

    To access your Clover monthly statements, you can follow these steps:

    1. Log in to your Clover Dashboard.
    2. Click on the Account & Setup tab on the left-hand side of the screen.
    3. Click Monthly Statements under the Billing & Statements section.
    4. Click on the monthly statement to open it.
    5. You can then download, print, or save the statement as needed.

    If you have any issues accessing your monthly statements or need further assistance, you can contact your advisor, or the KIS Support team for help.

    Contact Support

    Reach out to the KIS Support Team directly