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Get to Know Who Uses KIS Payments

KIS Payments is committed to offering you the best possible experience by working closely with you and providing optimum service. You can feel confident knowing your KIS advisor is with you every step of the way. We do what is right for our clients, and that alone sets us apart. Below are some of the testimonials and referral letters we’ve received from businesses who’ve used our payment solutions.


“Before I even leave the table, their food is sent to the kitchen, their drinks are sent to the bar, I really do enjoy that part. Also, another thing I love about Clover Dining is when it’s time to pay I don’t have to worry about going back to the main screen to print their bill out, or adjust things on their bill, I’m able to use the same [handheld] screen.”

Christy, Server

Moon Under Water

Victoria, BC

“Because customer service is so important to us, it was one of the reasons that we love KIS Payments!”

Wendy, Owner


“We initially chose KIS Payments for the savings, but we continue to choose KIS Payments because of the service that’s provided to us.”

Shay, Admin

Capital Plumbing & Heating

Edmonton, AB

“We’ve got a lot of terminal processing, we’ve got a lot of credit card & debit payments going through all the time. We’ve run through a different bunch of products, and Debra finally got me onto this KIS Payments unit. It is great! It’s portable; we can walk around the room with it, we can go our into the parking lot with it. It’s on the 4G network, we can use it anywhere. It’s really fast, people comment about how fast it is.

The other thing that’s nice about it is the support- if you ever need anything, it’s easy to get a hold of people to help you out with it.”

Marc, Owner


Edmonton, AB

“We’ve actually been very very happy with our service. I’ve recommended you to a couple of my friends because I found that whenever I have a question, or an issue, or I get a little bit confused, I’m able to call you right away and there’s someone to either speak to on the phone, or even to pop into my shop really quick and help me out.”

“It’s been an excellent experience, and also the cost of our processing has gone down significantly.”

Lacey, Owner

Floor Envy

Surrey, BC

Eliminate the Hassle in Payment Processing