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Gift Cards: Profit or Loss?

One of the most exciting developments for us here at KIS in 2016, is our new partnership with Akroo that allows us to launch our new line-up of quality plastic Gift Cards.  The variety and versatility that are available allows many exciting options for our merchants.  Let KIS Payments help you understand how this program can increase your business!

First and foremost, the Star of the Show for the Processing Industry is the Gift Card.  Gift Cards have been around for a long time and there is little doubt of their popularity with both merchants and consumers.  Statistics show annual Gift Card sales are approaching 14 Billion, yes that’s right – billion, worldwide.

Merchants can realize a boon to business because firstly, they are ready cash as nearly one-third of the cards bought never get used.  But secondly, Gift Cards often bring in new customers who typically purchase well over the amount of the card, giving a good shot in the arm to sales.  Thirdly, they are now convenient to oversee with such features as balances remaining on the durable card rather than needing to produce a new Certificate each time it is used.  Also our Gift Cards are reloadable, and have their balances available online, so customers can check beforehand how much of their purchase will be covered.  Cards are also great as a staff reward or given as a donation to community fund raisers!

So KIS Cards provide all of these common applications and then we can kick it up a notch!  Imagine a Photo Gift Card with your contact information on it to give away as a thank-you to your customers!  For example, a realtor gives a dinner Gift Card to clients who have purchased a house from him.  But not only is it a Gift Card for the local restaurant such as Cactus Club, White Spot etc, but it acts as a promotion for the Realtor as well complete with picture and contact information!  And the card works seamlessly with the processing terminal at the restaurant! Simply pay with the Gift Card as you would a credit card.  Impressive, right!

Now imagine you’ve decided to accept a last minute invitation to a birthday party and you need to find a gift quick!  What if instead of fighting traffic and crowds at the mall to purchase something, you could simply go online to your favourite specialty store and purchase an eGift Card to include in your birthday card!  All done in minutes, talk about convenient!

You could say that KIS Cards provide Gift Cards on steroids!

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