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Information the Banks Never Tell You

It’s time to put knowledge in the consumers hand. We’ve created this guide to help shed some light on the payment processing industry. There are many working parts that people aren’t expecting so educating yourself is the first step, and that is exactly what this tool will do. 

The hidden fees banks charge

There are many different variables and circumstances when it comes to processing fees and it takes a sleuth to find those fees buried deep in your account statements. Many times you will see different items stacked with varying fees that have incurred due to certain conditions.

A look into industry standards

We’ll break down the the most common solution used by industry. We look at how our various clients use their devices, and which systems they’ve found to be the most successful. Factors such as location can swing the decision so defining the details is essential to selecting the right terminal.

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Hear What Clients Have to Say


“I was really excited to have a local company to support. Its always really nice to be able to do business with someone you meet in person instead of just talking to someone at a call centre. I would recommend KIS to other businesses, and I have her locally. Keep it Local!”


“It was Rick, Rick is very good. He’s a hands on person. He comes on it, if I have a problem, he’s here in a day or two. That’s a big thing here on the West Coast, be able to come out here, see your customers and that personal touch. I am a big huge loyalty person, so that’s why I’ve stuck with him. I have already recommended KIS to other businesses and continue to do so.”


“We chose KIS because of Rick, came in person, got to talk about it, do everything in person. Better process than talking to other merchants. I have already referred KIS to half a dozen businesses in town.”

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