The Three Pillars of KIS

By utilizing all three pillars, KIS has been able to build a solid foundation to help Small and Medium Sized business get the best Price, the Support they need and the right Technology to help streamline and build their business.

These Pillars, supported by our Staff and our Advisors have made KIS Payments
The Best General Payment Processor in Canada with a 5 Star review from Merchant Maverick.

3 Pillars | One: Fair, Transparent Pricing


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3 Pillars | Two: Outstanding Merchant Support


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3 Pillars | Three: Leading Edge Technology


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Transparency in Payment Processing means providing merchants with an easy to understand outline of their processing charges. It also means, providing payment processing that is simple to understand and clear in its

Transparency also means that we have the Merchants best interests at heart, whether it is about pricing, advice on the right technology for them or presenting solutions that are relevant tailored for their business.

KIS Advisors also provide industry knowledge, including promoting the Code of Conduct, and outlining pitfalls when choosing a Payment Provider, even if it is not KIS.

KIS is dedicated to not just being a Sales Company, but a Solutions Company.

Support first of all means listening to the Merchant, understanding their needs, their pain points and then providing solutions that match up.

After the sale happens, support means working as intermediaries for our Merchants, navigating the landscape of working with the platforms we put them on, and then supporting that process through follow up and communication.

Support from our Advisors is demonstrated to our Merchants by giving them their own personal phone number, being available when issues arise. Our Advisors also know how to escalate issues through the proper channels for
their Merchants, saving them time and headaches in the process.

KIS is dedicated to not just being a Sales Company, but a Solutions Company.

KIS provides access to all the latest technology, but we make it simple.

Payment Processing is changing very quickly. In the last 5 years, we have seen an increase in Android based, cloud computing terminals, e-commerce, POS Software integrations and whole host of new payments systems.

Small and Medium sized businesses have enough on their plates trying to build their businesses without having to learn all the intricacies of what technology will fit their business best.

KIS provides access to all the latest technology, but we make it Simple. We strive to give Merchants the right amount of information they need to help their businesses implement these technologies, without overwhelming them with a bunch of techno-babble. We back up the technology with access to our video series, that focus on easy to follow, Clear instructions on how they and their employees can make the best use of their technology.

Eliminate the hassle in payment processing.