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Clover Flex not Charging/Turning On

Is your Clover Flex not charging? Stuck with a black screen?

If the Clover Flex is not turning on (showing a black screen) the issue may be caused by a defective charger. Let’s troubleshoot! Please follow the steps below:

Before you begin: If the Clover Flex is showing a black screen, it’s possible it was just turned off by accident. First press & hold the power button on the right hand side of the device for 3-5 seconds to turn it on. You should see the Clover logo appear quickly, the device will begin powering on. If it does not turn on, please follow the step below to troubleshoot.

Troubleshooting the Charger:

Step 1: Double check that the charger is properly connected to the charging cradle. (See Fig. 1 below)

Clover Flex Charging Cradle - Troubleshooting Clover Flex not Turning on or Charging
Fig 1

Step 2: Check that the power adapter is securely connected (Fig. 2), and green light is on (Fig. 3).

Clover Charger - Proper Connection
Fig 2
Clover Charger - Green light
Fig 3

Step 3: Ensure that the charger plug is properly plugged into the outlet.

Step 4: Make sure the device is properly placed on charging cradle.

*If you’ve completed the first four steps and everything is connected properly, then try plugging the charger into a different outlet. To test if the charging cradle is defective, try charging your device directly with a USB-C cable.*

Step 5: If your Clover Flex still does not power on after charging for 30 minutes, perform a Hard Reboot (continue reading below).

Preforming a Hard Reboot:

Step 1: Disconnect your power by removing the device from its charging cradle or unplugging the power cord.

Step 2: Hold the power button down for 40 seconds before releasing it.

Step 3: Press the power button again until you see the Clover logo on the screen.

Step 4: Place the Flex on its charging cradle or connect the power cord back to the device.

When ready, the device will prompt you to log in.

Troubleshoot Clover Flex Charger

If your Clover Flex still won’t turn on, the device may be defective- in this case please contact our Support Team at or 888.484.3389, or submit a ticket on our Support Page.

(After hours, contact Clover at 888-263-1938.)

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