Loyalty – Deserved or Demanded?

There was a time long ago that we started our first bank account with a bank that we trusted, maybe because our parents have banked there forever, or maybe because we had a relationship with the person we were banking with.  We felt like they were taking care of us, taking care of an incredibly important part of our lives…our financial future.  We believed they wanted to help us succeed and be financial safe.  Maybe that was true at one time long ago but today, do we need to rethink this?

Today it seems that the banks are there for one reason, their bottom line and their profits that continue to soar every year.   Long gone are the days of feeling like banks are on our side.  Now they call the shots. You are screened before they allow you to put your money in their bank and you pay well for their services.  You then become a number on their computer printouts, no longer is there anything personal about it.

It was shocking to see the report on CBC about the pressure the banking employees are under to sell us more financial products, regardless of how that effects our financial future.  If you would like to read more about that report, follow this link: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/banks-upselling-go-public-1.4023575

KIS Payment Advisors hear stories all the time about how big banks pressure their clients into using their payment processing.  Stories include banks threatening to cancel inventory loans or clients being in fear of jeopardizing the relationship necessary to continue business funding.  With this type of threat, you are at their mercy for both service and costs, as they continue to gouge the small business owner.

At KIS Payments, payment processing is our business and we are there to make sure you understand what you are being charged for.  We are the professionals in this field and take pride in our transparent personal care we provide our clients.   We partner with you to increase your bottom line and your success in turn is our success.

Is this something that may be affecting you?   Maybe its time to rethink your banking strategies.  KIS Payments Inc., really cares about your financial success and are truly there to support the growth of your business.  Your local payment advisor is part of your community and has a vested interest in helping you prosper.  I hope you will consider giving us the opportunity to show you the difference we can make.