How many Rewards/Loyalty Cards are in your wallet?

The most exciting news for our merchants is that KIS Payments is now offering you the opportunity to break into totally new ground, when we talk about Rewards, Loyalty, Membership, Pass, Admission, and even Business Cards.  We can offer the smaller and medium size merchants an opportunity to level the playing field and provide their customers with a loyalty program just like the big box stores, and its affordable.

The first two, Rewards and Loyalty, are exactly the same type of Card, depending on your perspective.  Rewards Cards are what the customer gets, while Loyalty Cards are what the merchant gives!  If you’re the customer, you want Rewards, while merchants want Loyalty! Membership, Admission, Pass, and even Business Cards are simply a variation on this program.

Rewards/Loyalty Cards can work in three ways, either separate or simultaneously together.  First the program can issue and keep track of some sort of customer rewards, whether they be collecting points, (think Air Miles), yearly cash back on percentage of purchases (think Costco membership), or even your own form of currency (think Canadian Tire money).  Your customers can redeem these Rewards as they see fit.

Secondly your Rewards program could be based on achieving a certain threshold – big or small.  Buy 5 coffees Get the 6th Free, is a threshold Rewards Program.  Buy $1000 Worth of Carpet for Two Rooms – Get Free Installation or a plumbing wholesaler whose promotion offers a free fishing trip to any customer who spends $100,000 in a calendar year, are other examples!

Thirdly your Rewards/Loyalty Program could be customized to be whatever time based promotions you decide.   A Tire Shop may plan a promotion for all their Cardholders to receive 30% off new tires purchased in a slower month.  When the customer uses the card at the payment terminal, the discount is applied directly!

The reason that we at KIS Payments are so excited about this program is the affordability and profitability it provides!  We are anxious to prove to you that this program drives business.  It especially targets the customer doing 50% of their business with you, who increases it to 80% as they take advantage of your Rewards program.

We will show you how to get it set-up as you take full advantage of our training.  After which, you will have a hard time spending $30/month for all your Loyalty/Rewards transactions!  And you have full control of your program.  You enter your timed promotions, your thresholds, and your points parameters!  This program is totally customized for you and your business.

We can hardly wait to get you started!