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Give your customers a fast, easy and secure checkout experience, whether they shop online, in person or via mobile app. Elavon's scalable payment technologies are tailored to meet the needs of your business and let you accept credit, debit, gift cards, mobile wallets and more.

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Newland N910

Designed to enable a simple payment experience for you and your customers, the Newland N910 provides the mobility required to accept payments anywhere, operating over WiFi, Bluetooth or a 4G connection.

With the inclusion of talech point-of-sale software, this Android-based smart device empowers you with a powerful suite of business management tools in addition to enabling secure payment acceptance.

  • Front-Facing Camera with flashlight & ability to read barcodes
  • Allows online ordering
  • Detailed reporting
  • Manage inventory & employees all in one place

Ingenico MOVE/5000

Designed for mobility, this is a perfectly portable card reader that’s up to the task wherever you’re working.

  • Create new consumer experiences by combining payment and mobility
  • Accept the broadest range of payment methods on-the-go
  • Meet the most demanding use cases with a range of connectivity options

Ingenico DESK/5000

Ideal for professional services, traditional storefronts or anywhere your customers pay in person, this countertop POS delivers a seamless payment experience.

  • User friendly and intuitive interface.
  • Touchscreen selection, including on-screen signature capture.
  • Hardware that meets the latest Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance standards
  • Quick Chip technology for quicker card handling at the Point of Sale.
  • EMV Contactless acceptance for faster payment experience

Ingenico LINK/2500

Highly secure, the Link/2500 series supports Ingenico's unique portfolio of payment applications. In addition to EMV Chip & PIN and swipe, the Link/2500 enables all payment methods, including NFC/contactless cards.

  • Specifically engineered for flexibility, accept all payment methods including NFC/Contactless, Apple Pay and Samsung Pay
  • Shorten time to market by leveraging Telium applications into a smart companion
  • Slim and robust, definitively dedicated to mobility

Eliminate the hasslein payment processing.

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