Customer Service in a New Social Media Age

In this modern age of social media, technology invents new and creative ways of staying in touch with customers that maximizes every minute of every day.  Video messaging allows us to smile at our customers and have a chat with them while never having to leave the office.  Programs provide the option of keeping in touch with automated email functions that let our customers know they are always on our minds.  It’s the information age!

Sometimes though, it can be information overload, too much, too fast.  How discouraging is it to open your computer and find you have 35 new emails.   It takes time to wade through all of that, time away from business, time that is not turning into money in your pocket.  Its hard enough to manage when you are a tech savvy computer person but what if you are a business person who has many other things on your mind and tasks demanding your attention.   At least half of those emails are advertising generated by your most recent internet surfing.  It can be overwhelming to sort through and many times people choose to lump it all together into the trash file or the “I’ll get back to it some time later” file.  Whether later ever comes there is no promises but regardless the file grows daily.

At KIS Payments we are taking a step backwards, to a day when the most important part of business was that face to face connection.  We know our clients are busy and can’t always spend time with us but our payment advisors believe in keeping in touch in a personal way.  A smile, a quick hello, followed by “is everything going okay?” or “is there anything I can help you with?” is an important part of our service. We want our clients to know we are there when they need us.  We care about their business and want to support their growth, however we can.  We are not going to rely simply on social media to keep us connected.  We want to do more than that.

We are continually looking for ways to help our clients with money management, that is why we are called advisors.  We will continue to use our website and emails to provide you with the newest updates but we will also be there in person on a regular basis for that personal touch.  There may be more ways we can assist your business such as cash advances for expansion or stock control and increased clientele with our loyalty gift card program.  The next time your advisor pops in to say hello and you have a minute to speak to them, why not ask them about some of the ways they can help your business grow.  You might be glad you did.