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Chargeback Disputes #1 – Guilty Until Proven Innocent

Let’s start by defining a “Chargeback” – A chargeback (also known as a reversal) is a form of customer protection that is provided by the card…

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Chargeback Series #2: The Way the Cookie Crumbles

Credit card institutions are focused on keeping their cardholders happy. After all, if they keep their customers appeased, they continue to use their…

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You Can’t Beat Us, So Why Not Join Us!

What we’re most proud of at KIS Payments is that our company is set up for the benefit of our Agent Payment Advisors across Canada. We realise that…

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Loyalty – Deserved or Demanded?

There was a time long ago that we started our first bank account with a bank that we trusted, maybe because our parents have banked there forever, or…

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