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Chargeback Disputes #1 – Guilty Until Proven Innocent

Let’s start by defining a “Chargeback” – A chargeback (also known as a reversal) is a form of customer protection that is provided by the card issuing banks, which allows their…

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Loyalty – Deserved or Demanded?

There was a time long ago that we started our first bank account with a bank that we trusted, maybe because our parents have banked there forever, or…

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Customer Service in a New Social Media Age

In this modern age of social media, technology invents new and creative ways of staying in touch with customers that maximizes every minute of every…

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How many Rewards/Loyalty Cards are in your wallet?

The most exciting news for our merchants is that KIS Payments is now offering you the opportunity to break into totally new ground, when we talk…

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Gift Cards: Profit or Loss?

One of the most exciting developments for us here at KIS in 2016, is our new partnership with Akroo that allows us to launch our new line-up of…

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