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My Clover Flex isn’t Charging / Turning On

If the Clover is not turning on (showing a black screen) the issue may be caused by a defective charger. To troubleshoot this, please follow the…

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6 Most Common Support Calls for Clover POS

While the Clover POS system remains one of the most reliable and easy to use systems we see in the market today, we wanted to put together a list of…

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How to Sell and Advertise on TikTok

Ah, TikTok. A popular app that has been getting a lot of attention lately. Actually, it’s getting so much attention that it recently hit one billion…

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7 ways to Impress Holiday Shoppers to Gain Return Customers

According to Retail Council of Canada, Canadians are planning to spend significantly more this year and are looking forward to getting back to…

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