Rewards, Loyalty and Gift Card Programs


Looking for a Rewards, Loyalty or Gift Card Program to encourage more customers, reward your current customers to build loyalty? KIS Payments can help you choose the right program for your business.


  • Choose from stand alone programs that allow you to market online and draw new customers to your business with an online rewards/loyalty program. This program allows your customers to earn points that they can redeem for special rewards, discounts, 2 for 1’s or any other type of reward you would like to offer.
  • If you are part of a larger group, Chamber of Commerce or mall, we can provide your group with a Cooperative Gift Card program, or a two-level points program that would include all associated members, encouraging customers to shop with all the member businesses in your group.
  • We can also provide Gift Card programs that integrate with your POS System, allowing you to offer branded Gift Cards to your customers while fully integrating with your accounting and tracking systems.

Contact your local KIS Payment Advisor for more information on these programs or email



Why choose a gift card program?

  1. Increase Profits – up to 1/3 of all Gift Cards are never redeemed and customers who do redeem typically spend more than the gift card amount.
  2. Easy to Use – cards can be processed through either your KIS Terminal (for integrated) or through the Rewards Program online portal and balances are available anytime.
  3. As a Business Card – promote your business with a high quality, stand out card which can be a preloaded promo, or easily handed out to charities or special events.
  4. Branding – your Gift Cards are branded with your logo and business information, working as mini billboards wherever they go.

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